Are you ready to share?
Comoodle is coming to H&F!

Sobus, HF Volunteer Centre and LB Hammersmith & Fulham are working together to deliver Comoodle H&F, an online platform for local organisations, businesses and residents to share “Stuff, Space and Skills”

If you do good things in your community you’ll know that it’s getting harder to find money, to pay for the things you need to deliver activities. But that doesn’t mean the need has gone away. So, how can we make things happen now?

We believe that sharing community resources could be part, or all, of the answer! We’re here to help, whether you’re an individual, a community group, from the public sector or a local business. We encourage you to root out what’s going spare, and share it with others through the Hammersmith & Fulham Comoodle website.

We’re here to make the connections, whether you want to borrow or lend, what we call ‘stuff, space and skills’, in an attempt to cover pretty much all eventualities of:

  • things you might need (stuff)
  • rooms or outdoor areas you might want to use (space)
  • skills you need to learn or improve on (skills)

All to make what you’re involved with locally not just happen, but flourish!

When you’ve benefited from a spot of borrowing, whether it’s a generator, a room for an essential meeting, a van or someone’s specialist sports coaching, we want you to think about how you can complete the circle. What stuff, space or skills can you lend through Comoodle H&F to increase the pool of what’s available?

Comoodle isn’t just about borrowing and lending, it’s about building new relationships and trust. It’s about helping communities to thrive by thinking in new ways. Ways which might break the mould. Ways which don’t cost the earth. But ways which make a difference and an impact and ultimately change our communities.


How do I get involved?

The Comoodle H&F home page is now live  so to get started, think about what stuff, space or skills you might be able to share.


To find out more, please contact
Hammersmith & Fulham Volunteer Centre
598 Fulham Road,
London SW6 5NX


The HFVC Group. Charity Number 1062032. Company Registration Number 3176924.